The smaller, tour-inspired shape is designed to maximize playability from virtually any lie. The flight was slightly higher and with more draw bias, but the distance was extremely close. If you searched for discount golf , golf swing , golf fitness , Sun Mountain speed cart, Clicgear cart , or junior golf clubs , you’re on the right site. The AeroBurner hybrids are not adjustable, but they are available in lofts of 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees. The logos are stitched in to the leather. Golfers who want more distance should look to the LS line. All combined for a super hot fairway wood that can also be adjusted specific to your preference with 16 tunable settings.

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Adams Golf Idea Super Ls Xtd – 15* Hybrid, Utility Club Golf Club | eBay

Mishits are more noticeable and unfortunate with the LS versus the S, but that makes sense, since the LS comes with heavier, stiffer shafts that will work better for more skilled players who hit the sweet spot more often. The AeroBurner is aimed at any golfer looking for more forgiveness and more ball adsms from their hybrid, even on slight mishits. News 1 month ago.

The face of the clubhhead which is done in black is a nice clean transition to help the golfer with alignment of the club. Likewise, the sensation of a shot caught squarely is pleasant beyond words. Thanks for your input.

Who are they for: Since the acquisition, Adams has continued to distinguish itself with its hybrid production. It also has a slightly smaller club head cc that many better players will prefer. Box Jackson, WY A redesigned crown slot that is deeper, longer and thinner provides for improved performance. Essentially, these clubs are long, forgiving and visually appealing. In describing the XR adasm, one quickly runs short os superlatives.


They have borrowed some of the technology that TaylorMade has with the white matte ghosting and incorporated that into their already successful hybrids.

Pros like easy to hit stuff, you’ll like it too. The letters Super are done in black, the letters LS are done in white, and the Idea lettering adam left in the stainless steel color.

Refined crown slot creates higher launch angle without increasing spin for longer carry distance. The stainless steel bar is framed by a section of black area done to look very similar to netting. A redesigned internal standing wave, which boosts MOI, a measure of ball speed retention on daams, offers golfers more distance regardless of where they hit shots on the face.

I kill the LS but nasty hooks come from hits toward the toe But it is sooo sweet on pure strikes. The Adams Super LS hybrid the sole is pretty much consistent throughout the entire clubhead.

Adams Golf Idea Super LS Hybrid Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Both clubs are very long, launch the ball high in the air and are capable of producing a knockdown shot when needed. Need more fade bias? This is all done in black so one must inspect the clubhead closely to see this design feature.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The combination of these components creates an exceptionally low CG for great all around performance.


2013 Adams Golf Idea Super LS Hybrid Review

Learn how your comment data is processed. The smaller, tour-inspired shape is designed to maximize playability from virtually any lie. The AeroBurner on the other hand, produced consistent draws for me. For example if I am aiming for the center of the fairway, the shot actually will hit the rough at least 30 yards to the right of the centerline. The ball had a great high flight and landed softly on the green.

The xt of these features provides the golfer with increased confidence at address. My recommendation is that the Super LS is targeted for golfers from the mid handicappers to the scratch golfer. In fact, I found it to be pleasantly forgiving — much more so than other hybrids with similar shape and playing attributes.

This is rarely important to me, because my game and the touring pros are so far apart, but to some tour validation is important and the Super LS has that.

We added the bells and whistles on the Super LS Hybrid so that you can adjust it to your specs, hit it low, hit it high, bend it around the corner. The hybrids that scored highest in our Distance Ratings tend to work best for golfers looking to shed spin, while the clubs that score high in our Forgiveness Ratings tend to be more consistent on mishits.