We do not host any driver files on our servers and cannot provide any direct driver download access. But it will do for a system with two inexpensive video cards. Albatron is one of the more innovative motherboard manufacturers, and its team of engineers has actually figured out a way of running SLI on the budget Intel PL chipset! The users manual could have been more detailed. One thing I really like about Albatron is that it rounds the four corners of the motherboard. BioShock Infinite and Metro: DriversEasy Update your Drivers the Easy way.

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Albatron ps915-sli one of the more innovative motherboard manufacturers, and its team of engineers has actually figured out a way of running SLI on the budget Intel PL chipset! This website does not contain any sort of hardware drivers database. The mentioned BIOS parameters are available in this version, but the viability of non-standard settings hasn’t been tested.

I do not know about you but I have a habit of scratching myself when installing motherboards into a case, I have got it down to a fine art. These are the sole property of their specific brands and manufacturers, and as such — if you ever install their drivers using a driver update utility you downloaded from this site – please understand that you will have to adhere to these manufacturer’s specific legal terms.

Users in need alatron more expansion functionality will have to turn to the two open 32 bit PCI slots. As there are not so many ibased motherboards with SLI support, design of this motherboard is absolutely different from the other Albatron models however, the company hasn’t offered many new models of late. The expansion cards are one of ways to enhance your system efficiency.


If possible, connect monitor to another system.

Albatron Mars PXP/G Pro Mainboard – Page 1

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a. Further the vendor reserves the right to revise this publication and to make.

Frequency response from 40 Hz to 15 kHzdB: We see a new trend in the industry, product differentiationset yourself on another spot in the market to get more reputation and expand your diversity. Qlbatron up, a couple rounds of benchmarks!

Albatron PX915 Sli Audio V.A3.73 Driver

Among other things, these two technologies shared one common peculiarity: It just doesn’t end with the usual plethora of features though, naah it’s Albatron remember? Px915-sll applications and data using backup disks.

Errors in this process can result in computer problems ranging from slowdowns to crashes, so for just about anyone, it’s best to go with an automated driver maintenance solution. Such xudio results probably have to do with poor location of the ALC chip on albwtron PCB in the very corner, quite far from analog audio outputsas installing the latest drivers from the codec web site and from Albatron web site changed nothing.

Albatron PX915-SLI User Manual

Websites you albarton also like: The top card no longer has to suck the air directly off the back of the bottom card which should help lower its overall running temperature. Enter text from picture: But these models have been designed individually, so they have no empty seats.


Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Videocards like the GeForce Ultra, which by default uses a large heatsink, will also benefit from the increased space.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Doom 3 Conclusions List all Albatron heat sinks that Frostytech tested?

A confirmation message will be displayed before proceeding. But now it’s much more difficult to raise the lever, ahdio cannot do without nails.

But consider this, while most of the attention has been focused on nVIDIA’s behemoth core logic chipsets, there are less expensive alternatives for Intel users on a budget looking to adopt SLI Windows XP SP2 As motherboards on i chipsets are on the albatrron in our testlab, it’s hard to choose representatives of this chipset, tested by the same test procedure.

Albatron Mars PXSLI Intel PL SLI Motherboard – FrostyTech News

Auto increase proportionally to the FSB frequency About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Let me name some the other key features of the finest of mammaboards: Because third-party device driver developers often market their drivers as being faster or more effective than those provided by Albatron Motherboardscomputer users are often convinced to download and install them – even though they never should.

Critical circuits mostly use electrolytic capacitors alabtron respected United Chemi-Con KZG series and from an unknown manufacturer.