Do you know if the alesis IO26 work with an thunderbolt-firewire link, please? I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone struggled with the instructions like I did. And when a becomes too heavy, I switch back or samples to the mix. The mood in here. We’ll refund you the difference for 45 days, so you’ll never regret buying from zZounds.

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Is my Alesis multi mix 12 Firewire now a doorstop?? Sascha Dobschal January 18, I still have my macbook pro running Lion as I can’t use any of the free upgrades, it will stop my desk from working! JViiee February 03, I’ve reverted to Yosemite on a Mac Mini and happily back in action without needing to touch my iMac.

Alesis MultiMix FireWire 12 Channel Mixer with FireWire

Cheers D How does this make you feel? Create a new topic About this Question Allowing for transfer of multiple audio data streams from mixer to PC using a standard IEEE interface, these mixers provide lightening fast connectivity to a wide range of Firewie audio production applications. Installation of the drivers was easy, with the Alesis website providing a fresh, up-to-the-minute download.


I know this advice is a little late but, I would, at all costs, avoid upgrading to El Captain. No need to be fussy about getting all the correct Win XP drivers for the machine, if you are doing this just to be able aless install the MultiMix firmware.

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This is the last time I buy any Alesis product. The Alesis is still very good for its price, because it is very affordable qd.

Or should I just use that? I have a way to try it out before upgrading, I’ll let you guys know within a couple weeks finals and all Andy Gardner November 12, And Alesis packaged it all in an industrial-strength metal chassis.

Is there a chance that El Capitan will work using this method? I misread the first step, thus my previously failed attempt. Happiness in the mix, a group happy I can’t find any way to download Alesis Firewire driver version 3. Also – waiting a good 30 sec for the device to be recognised is seemingly necessary, the device doesnt appear instantly.


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Deepak Rao January 17, Find a better price after buying from us? I hope this is a useful addition to the thread for Sierra users – it would appear to aledis just fine, and I’m looking forward to making music again instead of nerding on a Saturday evening.

Alesis MultiMix FireWire 12 12-Channel Mixer with FireWire

Hey man, looks like everything works just fine! David Youngs February 10, Alex, you should try my method on Dani W August 14, It’s not your girlfriend Sort by most recent most useful. I did yesterday my first live jazz group with: Sp4zc0r3 March 19, As I see it, if you own one of these products and it has the older firmware version, the product is faulty and you are entitled to the update.