A slight wobbling of all keys is to be marked. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Only an infrared interface is missing. I cannot be more pleased. If you can overlook all the mentioned disadvantages as I have, I would fully and sincerely recommend this product. The keys are manufactured from one piece of metal and do not only look good, but also function perfectly. The hinges are very well-built and tight, with no squeaks or flimsiness.

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Also, it is unfortunate that the webcam cannot swivel, turn nor zoom, so basically it can only see the user, some background and not much else. Overall, the keyboard leaves a good impression. I would prefer if it would a60000 you of new mail through the indicator lights whether the email program is open and work with any client rather than just Outlook.

During a close investigation of x6000 case we already found several scratches. It is ok for me though, perhaps because I live in the tropical area where it is hot anyways. After switching on the Asus A6J the very first action was the deactivation of the selected screensaver, which particularly got on our nerves due to sound playback.

However, it is a great product for students, casual-hardcore gamers, and power users. This time reviewed by us: There are feet on the x6j, however there are small feet beneath, which guarantee the safe positioning of the case even with not attached battery.


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The workmanship of the notebook shows a slight lack of quality. Only an infrared interface is missing. Excellent build quality — keys, buttons, and screen firm and well built Great Duo Core and graphics performance Classy look Beautiful screen Carbon fiber material Inexpensive Wealth of connectivity options I like the mouse! Build, Design, and Connectivity: Sporting a Dual-Core T 1. Not much to look at, and not exactly good to use either. Battery Eater Readers test – corresponds for instance to the maximum runtime min.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Using the controls located at the front, you can pop in a CD and play instantly while saving on battery. That’s no miracle, probably the test sample had already been on numerous desks.

Note that both hands are required to open as there are two latches on either edge at the front, probably due to the placement of the webcam.

Pro interface equipment interface positioning pleasent keyboard good performance data homogenous lighted display webcam Contra some lacks of workmanship bad sound of the loudspeakers high temperature and noise emissions mediocre display brightness moderate battery runtimes. More importantly, as long as the notebook is placed on a hard surface which ensures that the speakers would not be blocked, the output is just fine.

There is Bluetooth available as well, adding to the wealth of connectivity options. Even the ASUS logo looks classy, and all the buttons, touchpad etc are very well made and fitted.


The top side especially in front of the keyboard remained pleasantly cool. It is a little on the heavy side 2. All components inside the case There are neither light leaks nor uneven backlighting — further proof of the high quality ASUS is churning out.

Due to my need to a600 to Canada in a few months time for half a year, the 2-year global warranty was very attractive, with the service centre very near my future residence. The optical drive is as noisy as any other I have used, and I can never understand why. The DVD drive assembly is inconspicuously and remains decently in the background during playback.

Brand New Turkish keyboard FoR ASUS A6J A3 A6000 A3000 A6 A6T A3500 A6R Service TR version

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Only with older benchmark tests the video card combined with a faster processor can obtain clearly better values. It is a favorable notebook made by Asus with good features and attractive performance data.

The mAh lithium ions battery only results in average runtimes.