We have noticed a significant amount of systems returned for the missing keystroke problem have been fixed with the above procedure in early testing and this new BIOS has solved further problems. I would get the placebo effect and the touchpad might work reasonably well for a while, but it never lasted long. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Asus is dropping down the list in my books. Do you already have an account? The biggest trouble I had really was figuring out how all of the ribbon cable connectors worked and being very careful removing the speaker cable under the keyboard. Please refer specification pages for full details.

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FedEx delivery In 24h. It was the full disassembly and thorough cleaning of the bottom of the pad that ultimately fixed the issue for me.

ASUS is actively working to resolve this issue with a permanent fix. A couple days ago I read elsewhere about the touchpad problem and got the item about ssus to the moodpad to solve the problem. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Players and burners do not Detail of its interface: Doing this, I was able to see the tape surrounding the touchpad, so I decided to attempt to maneuver into the case and start removing tape.


After reassembly, my touchpad has NONE of the prior issues, and I am pleased to finally report that I have a working touchpad. Credit card, check, Paypal pae transfer. So far ive had no issues with the mouse having a mind of its own, but certain spots on the touchpad die out on me still.

Cooler to evacuate dissipated heat inside the bottom of your laptop You can go into the Synaptic app and adjust the touchpad sensitivity, and even mod what regions get registered. After being initially hopeful that my touchpad issues were resolved, the problems resurfaced and seemingly worse than ever. We appreciate you confirming the voltage and currents of Seems like a good amount of people have mokse touchpad issues.

Recently, I saw some of these posts indicating the issue might be a hardware issue, and I started looking at the easiest way I could try some of the posted solutions.

ASUS G73jh Touch Pad Palmrest 13n0-h3a0a11 13gny81ap082

Last Jump to page: I see movement on the touchpad where it should be, but the cursor doesn’t move It appears to me that this may be two different problems, not just one. It did, however, exhibit a new failure mode.

When I got to the underside of the touchpad, I noticed that there was a significant amount of tape gunk left where I pulled the tape off.

I have a functional pad now, whereas before it was a constant nightmare. While it’s a bit of a daunting task considering that pretty much the entire laptop has to be disassembled and a number of fragile ribbon cables need to be removed and reattached, ultimately the fix makes using the laptop much more enjoyable.


No, create an account now. Free withdrawal the same day. I simply just deleted SynTPhelper. Initially, when my touchpad was messing up, I tried all of the different software solutions with never any lasting success. Fan only without the heatsink in copper. Oh, I understand completely. Touchpad Here is what happens with my g73jh.

However, it has not been perfect so we need to collect further information from those users still having problems. Don’t think this is a forgotten issue.

How to solve touchpad problems with the ASUS G73Sw — in English

This may help with your situation. Its weight is only 3.

You have to go to task manager, kill the process, then right click on SynTPEnh. If you could have seen just HOW BAD my touchpad was prior to disassembling and cleaning the bottom of the touchpad it took a while by the way, that tape gunk was extremely stubbornyou would g7s3w my elation.