It can be used with a MHz transmitter connected to a Raspberry Pi as described in this assembly instruction. Additionally multiple devices are supported. There are different output devices supported as well as Dimmers and Chasers. Using the OpenPaths binding, openHAB will periodically request your latest location data from the OpenPaths servers and calculate your presence relative to a specified location usually your home. Harmonics to the 63rd, K-Factor, Power, Frequency, sequence components, and many other measurements are updated every cycle. The EZCom-IP radio is based on spread spectrum technology with direct sequence spreading for enhanced interference immunity, reliability, and extended range.

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It is a self-contained server ca,era collects and distributes data according to the rules you create. This should allow greater control over the devices than the cube offers as all interaction is handled manually.

The optional Tofino Enforcer for Modbus allows you to specify which Modbus function codes and register addresses may be accessed on each protected Modbus slave, providing advanced security for critical Modbus devices.

Widely applicable to industrial process control field, such as metallurgy, paper making, petrochemical, pharmacy, food processing, brewing, for measuring the fluid flow cxmera conductivity no less than 5? Autelis manufactures a network enabled pool interface for many popular pool systems. A considerable number of Insteon compatible devices such as switchable relays, thermostats, sensors etc are available. Temperature and humidity acquisition module through the LM communication interface isolation and RS network connected local control, RS allows up to temperature and humidity acquisition module is hung on the same bus, but as with RS repeater of Link-Max, can be up to temperature and humidity acquisition module is connected to the same network, communication distance m.


This binding should be compatible with Samsung TV models which support Apple and Android remote applications. You configure the device instance, object type and instance, and poll interval for reading or writing BACnet objects.

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This Binding is used to display the details of a Windcentrale windmill. Inputs and outputs are grouped in four-bit segments.

All openHAB 1 addons can be downloaded in a zip file 1. Since the Novelan control unit is gembrid on the Luxtronic 2 contol unit of Alpha Innotec, this binding should work with all heat pumps that use this type of controller. Inputs can range from VDC and provide V isolation to ground.

How to upgrade to a FREE standards-compliant browser. There are also switches available. Viessmann heating systems with Vitotronic has a optolink Interface for maintenance. These settings are stored in the module?

This binding integrates internet radios based on the Frontier Silicon chipset. This wireless device measures vital parameters and determines the vitality of your plants. Using the OpenPaths binding, openHAB will periodically request your latest location data from the OpenPaths servers and calculate your presence relative to a specified location usually your home.

Users of this binding might wish to familiarise them with the protocol and slang. The Director is a cost-effective field data communications camsra designed for data acquisition and control applications. With it, you can make openHAB react to Bluetooth devices that come in range of your network.


This device is optimized for building automation and facility management with thermistor support for temperature input.

This is the binding for the eQ-3 MAX! Instead each time your device publishes its location, it is sent to an MQTT broker of your choice. Some Netscape 7 and Mozilla users may see this warning in error.

HD smart WiFi camera (ICAM-WHD)

A simple push button bembird short-cuts two pins on a serial port. Overall, this provides a reliable and future-proof drive for a wide range of machine applications. It should be compatible with most up-to-date Panasonic Smart-TVs. OneWire The OneWire bus system is a lightweight and inexpensive bus system mostly used for sensors eg. Please note that the information below is provided by the respective suppliers, and that product listings do not constitute any endorsement or warranty on the part of the Modbus Organization.

Synop Analyzer Gdmbird binding integrates the possibility to download and interpret Synop messages.

You can even use Babel Buster as an alarm notification device. It acts essentially like a keypad, reading and writing messages on a serial bus that connects keypads with the main panel.

The Netatmo binding integrates the following Netatmo products: