By using UTP cable to replace Coaxial for cost-effective purpose. Passive, No power required. Just like the name described, it means a technology to convert Ethernet. Mode A, Mode B. Alternately use an active receiver, which has a differential input. Make sure the camera functions properly.

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By the way, does your Ethernet LAN still use coax? Theory and specifications are no substitute for real-world operation.

This is the result of a ground loop. Please update the newest software version from: Their engineers aren’t very experienced with transmission.

Add the schedule of sensor trigger; the video will be pop up when sensor is triggered. If the pole is grounded, the top of the ground o-view will be at 50, volts. I-View UTP cameras can transmit Video up to meters but power cannot, you can use the special configuration to reach this request.

Use model Cable Box Combiner Kit to route the modulated signal around the cable box. The original IEEE It’s the way we’ve always done it.


If the abnormal screen continues to look weird, camera is the one that causes the problem. This calculation shows that at these speeds, the system acts more like a lumped-element circuit than a transmission line. The setup phases are as follows: Please refer to the picture as below.

C-2400as not uncommon for wire to get scraped as it passes through ends of conduit or T-bar ceilings.

The UAC privilege elevation dialog that comes up every time you need higher account authorization to do something like change setting on the control panel, run the install program…etc. Verify video source is working. Video can be recorded basing on specifiable schedules or motion detection.

-iview like the name described, it is a technology to let Ethernet network carrying data and electrical power to Ethernet device.

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However, when you reboot the O. I-viwe follow the instructions below: Maybe you need to wait for a while to repair the video clips.


Wifi signals, especially at long distances, can drop or become unreliable. The RMP rack panel can hold up to two 4-channel transceivers. Please choice the language version which you pc-2400as now.

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This path can be coax, UTP, or other media. Please provide bandwidth information for the following. Please do the process as below to solve this problem: Another consideration is that 12VDC cameras often connect the power supply return lead to the camera’s ground. The system will be re-indexed the video clips.

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Multi-pair wire six pairs or more can have an overall shield without degradation. See the diagram as below: The bottom of the pole is at 50, volts too. Dirt doesn’t conduct well.