You have the iso on your computer. Roz Oct 13, at Dan, I know it might be a while since u posted the magic formulae but I just wanna say thanks dude, this really works! XP will then install. Remember to always set the sata mode to compatibility before trying to boot and install from an XP disc.

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Download the correct XP sata drivers, most likely from Intel website, and follow their instructions to make the XP floppy disk driver installer.

Neo Nov 10, at From the other forums I have visited the mode mentioned above is the control for the transfer rate of the hard drive.

When you run the setup for the audio drivers, a folder will be created, l04-17s in c: L40-17d this on a floppy XP will only look for A drive boot to xp install disk hit f6 first time you see any screen windows will continue to instal it will stop about 2 min later and ask if you want to load custom driver hit S it will tell you to load floppy into A and hit enter then choose the driver you want you may have to try different ones then enter again windows will continue to l40-17ss DO NOT REMOVE FLOPPY windows will reload driver from floppy before it restarts to actually install once windows is installed go to intel or windows update and l40-17 the exe install of the driver.


Jatis – Jul 16, at Dont change from s-ata to ide or crap like that in your bios.

Traveller76 Jan 3, at Discovered last week and worked well for me: Everything should work now. Finish this proces and burn ur copy of XP l40-17ss CD Unfortunately, the installation will fail and the folder will delete itself, thusly causing a failure of the HD audio device hardware. I download from here and it was ok http: Thats what I and others already stated here.

You are a freaking Genius. Say “Thank you” 88 A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

Again, this does NOT install anything. Cheers Neo, Worked a treat on these two L’s too.

Satellite LABT3N22 Support | Toshiba

Say “Thank you” Spillage Oct 29, at EMAD – Nov 4, at EgoQC L401-7s 27, at The program finishes off. Then you have to set your harddrive to install winxp again to compatiblemode What you have to do is power on the Laptop and then press F2 to get into the BIOS menu.


Ghiavolu – May 14, at For all of you guys having problems getting xp running on your notebooks with s-ata drives: Paste the folder into another directory and let the install from the drivers, not windows fail. Scotty – Mar 24, at Ask a question Report.

Do what the fellow says about switching off SATA to compatibility mode. Report Respond to thegapster. Report Respond to baxteradio.

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Happy installing Windows XP. Report Respond to Spillage. I had an error shown.