Claim this company page Review this company. LogistiCare is only as successful as the transportation providers in our network. I did in fact have a major mechanical failure and I was stranded an hour and a half away from home. During the site visit, LogistiCare inspects provider records and vehicles, focusing on adherence, documentation, and commitment to contract standards. Group purchasing power for driver credentials, vehicle maintenance, and more Improved trip coordination and trip assignments Faster payment via web-based billing.

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Transportation Providers | LogistiCare Solutions

So if you choose this job you better make sure your vehicle is up to the task. Our community is ready to answer. Interested in Driving with Us? Client’s must sign in the appropriate place. I enjoy the job because I love transporter and I love people.

I hope that someone in management reads this and implement incentives for current and future drivers. The best job that I have ever had. Logisticare of Mississippi definetly impacted my life as an employee in mighty volunter.

Upload your resume Sign in. In closing,I would voounteer like to say,if it is at all possible,Mississippi Medicaid,award the transportation contract back to Logisticare. Provide reliable and safe transportation to clients who have doctor appointments. On an ongoing basis, providers must demonstrate compliance with set standards for field audits, performance and record keeping, as well as complaint response and reporting. The transportation provider must produce: I liked the job so much that I would take trips on Saturdays also.


No incentives whatsoever such as safe driving awards, free oil change certificates and gas vouchers just to name a few. I couldn’t wait until my faxes would come in to see where I would be driving to the next day. Number of Vehicles You Own or Lease. LogistiCare is only as successful as the transportation providers in our network.

LogistiCare Employee Reviews for Volunteer

See how we support small businesses with a formula that works. Our drivers know they have to be top star ready at every turn. I met new people everyday.

And there are many more you can read about here. Driving for LogistiCare means making a difference in the lives of others. It was a such a good job Voluntesr got to meet so many different people I got to travel all over from Atlanta to Savannah to Brunswick Georgia so I enjoy it I always feel anything that you enjoy doing it’s not really a job.

The priority of this company should definitely be placed upon the drivers considering they are the wheels that keep this company going.


This process includes a review of safety compliance procedures, driver and attendant background checks, drug testing, and site visits where vehicle and driver inspections take place.

We ensure that schedules are filled so they run efficiently and profitably. We recognize the challenges faced by our network in obtaining competitively priced insurance, so we have partnered with Sovereign Risk Solutions to ensure you have access to a noted industry specialist.

Why do so many providers prefer working with LogistiCare? If our providers are struggling, we help them identify problem areas and find solutions. The mileage pay is way too low considering the cost of gas and maintenance to your vehicle. At the end of the day,I felt great knowing that I had helped somebody. Revenue stability Increased business volume as a reward for strong performance Robust GPS systems that automate information for claims Small business advisement.

Working as a Volunteer at LogistiCare: Employee Reviews |

Have you thought about giving back to your community by helping those in need? I was in a different town everyday. We know what it takes.